According to Sky Sports, a second yard have now shown various symptoms of equine flu.

Rebecca Menzies’ yard, located in Sedgefield, County Durham, reportedly has three horses showing signs of the disease, which has suspended racing all across the country.

Stable owner Menzies revealed that the three horses, who have been showing symptoms in keeping with the virus, haven’t taken part in any racing and have been kept in isolation. 

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News

Swabs have been taken from the horses in Sedgefield, with samples taken to labs in Newmarket to be tested.

Three initial positive tests returned by horses from Donald McCain’s yard in Cheshire has meant that racing in Britain has been postponed until next Wednesday at the earliest.

More than 100 stables are on lockdown in an attempt to control the equine flu crisis, with the British Horseracing Authority expecting to announce the results of the tests taken from Menzies’ yard in Sedgefield this weekend.