Jockey Danny Cook has responded to the warning Aintree stewards gave him after the Grand National, insisting he was ‘only trying to help.’

Cook did admit that he was probably in the wrong to be getting involved in the race, however, insisted he was only trying to help his colleagues bypass the jump on the second circuit.

Talking to the Racing Post, Cook said:

I fell on my horse and then Charlie (Deutsch) was lying down sore and they put the screens up around him. They dolled off the fence and put the markers in. When you’re riding in the National  you don’t expect to be bypassing fences.

Cook took it upon himself to help the oncoming runners and riders by waving a flag to re-direct them around the fence, due to the safety concerns.

It was not long after the race had finished Cook was called in by the stewards and was issued with a warning by the BHA for his actions.

I probably shouldn’t have been there looking at it now, but I was trying to keep the race going and everybody safe. It don’t bother me that the stewards spoke to me, they were just doing their job. I don’t know what I’d do if it happened again – it was instinctive.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images Sport

Nevertheless, Cook was branded a hero on social media platforms due to his fast thinking, with the likes of Paddy Brennan and Tom Cannon taking to Twitter to defend there colleague for his heroic, instinctive actions.

Even after all of the drama on the first circuit, it was yet another thrilling spectacle, which resulted in an emphatic finish when Tiger Roll and Davy Russell held on to win the most valauble steeplechase of the season.

A great way to finish off a brilliant Grand National meeting.