The British Horseracing Authority is investigating the Musselburgh Racecourse in Scotland after four horses died during one race, according to a report on BBC Sport.

The officials of the course believe that it was not the track conditions that led to the deaths and the BHA are continuing to investigate the incident.

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News

Smart Ruler, Leather Belly, Sierra Oscar and Kensukes Kingdom all sadly lost their lives at the track.

The general manager of the course Bill Farnsworth said:

It’s a very rare occurrence. All the deaths are unrelated and I think it is just one of those perfect storm situations.

Unfortunately, I suspect there were four horses that had weaknesses in some form or other. Whenever you are staging competitive sport there will always be some participants that are more injury prone than others.

The conditions of the track before the race were understood to be good so the BHA are keen to find out why four of the horses suddenly died.

A spokesman for the BHA said:

For four horses to be fatally injured on one day of racing is very rare.

The incidents at Musselburgh were extremely distressing for everyone involved in the sport, not least for the owners of the horses and the trainers and stable staff who cared for them through their lives.

As the sport’s independent regulator we obviously treat issues such as this very seriously and work will now be undertaken to identify if there are any risk factors at the course or with the horses that might have contributed to these incidents.

We will work with the racecourse, and the BHA’s inspector of courses will be visiting Musselburgh in the coming days to carry out a full inspection.

Where appropriate, some of the horses are also being sent for post-mortems to establish more information, including for one of the horses whose death seems to relate to a sudden collapse.